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These dog ear infections can be caused by taking a dip in the pool and even getting all clean after spending the day at the park. Ear infections in a dog are known as one of the most common health issues for dogs to face.

In addition to this, dog ear infections are generally said to be complicated in trying to revolve, especially because of the possibility of chronic issues and hidden underlying causes playing a role in your dog suffer from an ear infection. Dogs with floppy ears also more likely to experience ear infections.

Due to this, it’s imperative that these pet parents know to make educated decisions regarding how to safely and effectively treat these dog ear infections while using holistic and home remedies. 

Types of Dog Ear Infections? 

Generally speaking, there are three different types of ear infections in dogs. Each of these ear infections in dogs affects different parts of the dog ear. These areas affected in the ear canal are: 

  • Otitis interna (inner ear)
  • Otitis media (middle ear)
  • Otitis externa (outer ear)

Out of all of these different forms of a dog ear infection, the most serious type is the infection of the inner ear. This is largely because this type of infection is deeper inside the ear and resides the closest to the nerves and brain and is likely to result in central nervous system symptoms. 

With that being said, the most common type of ear infection is in the otitis external (the outer ear). If you suspect your dog of suffering from a deeper and, thus, more serious ear infection, you should contact a holistic veterinarian as soon as possible. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Dog Ear Infection? 

The most common symptoms associated with an ear infection in dogs include: 

  • Crustiness and scabs.
  • Redness and inflammation.
  • Sweet or pungent odor.
  • Discharge from the ear canal that’s often waxy and features a rust-like color.

In addition to these symptoms, there are also behavioral signs that you should look for that might be more telling than these symptoms mentioned above. 

  • Watery eyes.
  • Head shaking, tilting of the head, or holding ears at different angles.
  • Trouble chewing.
  • Pawing at or scratching ears.
  • Rubbing their head on furniture, blankets, and dog bedding. 

If you notice these symptoms or behavioral signs, rushing your dog to the vet isn’t generally the first measure you should take. This is especially the case if your dog is known for finding vet visits scary and unpleasant. You may wish to try natural home remedies before taking your pet to the vet if your dog is experiencing discharge and/or mild irrigation. Nonetheless, the symptoms showcasing more severe infections are going to warrant professional treatment from a vet. Some of these infection symptoms that warrant such a response include: 

  • Hearing loss and have adverse effects on your dog’s immune system. 
  • Persistent ear problems and loss of balance.
  • Issues involving the central nervous system. This includes trouble blinking and facial paralysis. 
  • Excessive head shaking. This may be a crucial indicator of a neurologic disorder. Not to mention, excess shaking of the head may cause hematomas in dogs who are predisposed to a neurologic disorder and prone to ear infections. 
  • A punctured or swollen eardrum. 

Ear mites in dogs are less common than an ear infection. Nonetheless, you might want to search for symptoms that may indicate this suspected ear infection as being ear mites rather. Such symptoms include hair loss, dryness, flakiness, and dark residue. You should take this up further with your vet to create the best treatment plan as well as get proper and professional ear cleaning done for your dog if you suspect these symptoms to indicate ear mites instead of an infected ear. 

How Can I Treat My Dogs’ Ear Infections at Home? 

There are various ways to treat your dogs’ ear infection holistically and in the comfort of your own home. One of the most important procedures that you should conduct before using any home remedies is to identify the ear infection source. Here are some of the most common types of dog ear issues: 

Yeast Overgrowth 

Yeast is a natural element that exists in all healthy ears. However, the presence of yeast becomes a problem when it gets out of balance. Yeast overgrowth or yeast infections manifest as a dark brown discharge from the ear canal that smells heavily of yeast. This yeast infection is itchy and can be painful. (Best dog ear cleaner for yeast

Foreign Bodies 

Your dog may pick up foxtails or grass seeds, water from swimming, an insect, or even dirt in their ear. These foreign bodies, if not removed from the ear, can cause a yeast infection. 

Bacteria Infection 

A dog can also get bacterial infections in their ears. Bad-smelling greenish or yellow discharge coming from your dog’s ears is a sign of bacteria infection. 

Aural Hematoma 

A dog can experience aural hematoma they scratch or shake their head too hard. This is a type of bruise that forms in a pool of blood that can be located between the ear flap cartilage and the skin. Many vets recommend surgery to resolve this issue, but there are less invasive and natural options that work just as well. 

After identifying the type of infection your dog is suffering from, you’re equipped with the right information that helps you make the most informed decision when it comes to establishing a natural remedy treatment plan. 

What Can I Use to Treat Dog Ear Infections? 

There are a variety of different home remedies that can be used to treat your dog ear infections. However, in most cases, these are primarily used to manage long term ear infection in your dog. You should always get advice from your vet before moving forward. These natural remedies for dog ear infections include: 

Green Tea 

Green tea contains antioxidants that are known to help reduce inflammation. You can use Green Tea to treat ear infections by:

1.    Boil eight ounces of water and let two green tea bags steep in the mixture before cooling it to lukewarm temperature. 

2.    Use a cotton ball to place the mixture in the ear canal. You should make sure that you’re putting enough of the mixture in the ear. Otherwise, place this in your dog’s food if they don’t want you touching their ears.

Calendula Tincture 

Calendula is a substance that has exceptional antimicrobial, pain-relieving, and inflammation-reducing properties. 

1.    Purchase herbal calendula that’s specifically in tincture form. 

2.    Add one to two drops of calendula tincture to one cup of lukewarm water and dip a cotton ball in the solution and place the mixture in the ear canal. Otherwise, put this in their dog food if they don’t want you touching their ears.

Oil of Oregano 

Oil of oregano is known as a natural antibiotic and can be used for your dog’s ear infections. Olive oil and coconut oil can also be used.

1.    Add one drop of oregano oil to half an ounces of warm 100 percent pure Aloe Vera juice. 

2.    Put this mixture on a cotton swab and use ear drops to help clean all of the ear’s visible parts. Otherwise, put this in your dog’s food if they won’t allow you to touch their ears.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Put Peroxide in a Dog’s Ear for an Ear Infection? 

It isn’t recommended to use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol when you clean your dog ears. These substances can irritate the inside of the ear, especially if the ear’s canal is ulcerated, inflamed, or the dog suffers from chronic ear infections. That’s why you should never use such products and rather look for an ear cleaner without any hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. 

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help a Dog’s Ear Infection? 

Apple cider vinegar is a great product for managing the growth of uncontrollable bacteria and other microorganisms that are causing these common ear infections. This substance aids in stopping your dog from scratching their ears. Another great product to use is coconut oil, as it helps float up any debris from the infected ears. You can place this product in your dog’s food if they don’t want you touching their ears.

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