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There are many elements of your dog’s health that you must pay attention to, and ear health is just one of them. Ear infections in dogs are caused by many things and can be quite common. You can treat and prevent these when you have the right information. A significant way to maintain your dog’s ear health is by regularly cleaning the ears using the right ear cleaning solutions. Ear drops are often used to treat ear infections. Learn more about the best dog ear drops for your pet’s ear infection treatment.

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean

There’s no substitute for regular ear cleaning when it comes to your pets. Using the right solution to clean your dog can eliminate foreign particles such as debris, dust, and even ear mites. Keeping your dog’s ears clean can also prevent ear infections and reduce the growth of a bacterial infection. When you routinely clean your dog’s ears, you prevent yeast and wax build in the dog’s ear canal, which can also lead to an infection.

What Are the Best Dog Ear Cleaners?

There are many different dog ear cleaning solutions on the market. You need one that is specifically intended for this purpose. Before you select any ear cleaning solution, make sure you read through the instructions and any safety information. You can also make use of reviews of the different cleaning solutions on the market. A vet-recommended ear cleaning solution is a good option. One of these is Zymox ear solution, which comes as an ear drop.

Signs of a Dog’s Ears Infection

Various signs could indicate that your dog has bacterial or yeast infections. Besides itchy ears, you could also notice a discharge inside the dog’s ear canal on careful inspection. The discharge usually looks like a brown, yellow, or reddish waxy substance inside your dog’s ears. Once you have identified that your dog has an ear infection from this ear wax, it’s time to find a solution.

How Can I Treat My Dog’s Ear Infection at Home?

There are multiple ways to treat an infection, depending on the exact cause and the severity of the illness. It could be caused by bacteria or yeast, for example. You can contact your nearest veterinarian for a proper examination and diagnosis of the dog’s ailment.

It is possible to treat an infection at home using medications that the vet has prescribed or recommended. Ear drops are typically used to administer the treatment, and these can be applied at home.

3 Top Options for Dog’s Ears Drops

Vets use a range of drops for dogs. Some of the most-recommended choices of the best dog ear cleaners are included in the list below. All the dog ear cleaners on the list are easy to use and must-haves if you want to give your pets the perfect ear care they deserve. Dogs need a lot of care and attention when they have an infection, and picking the best dog ear cleaner is just one way you can keep your dog healthy and treat any infections.

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution

Zymox Otic pet ear treatment solution was created to soothe infections in both dogs and cats. It contains 1% hydrocortisone and also relieves itchy ears and the associated redness and inflammation. You can use it to alleviate dog ear infections, including yeast infections, fungi infections, and bacterial infections. The product works very well because there is no need to pre-clean the ears, which can cause ear problems such as further pain when your pet is suffering from a severe dog ear infection.

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Dog Ear Cleaner

If you need a solution for routine ear cleanser, then this is a good option for dogs. It may be administered before you use any other ear canal treatment. It is an alcohol-free mild cleaning and drying solution that can help get the dog’s ears ready for the next preparation.

4-in-1 Dog Ear Cleaner – Cleansing Solution with Aloe Vera

If you are sensitive about the ingredients in the cleaning product you utilize with your pet, consider this aloe vera product. It is one of the best ear cleaning solutions and is made of natural ingredients, is formulated by vets, and is free of harmful chemicals that can cause ear problems and side effects, especially if you must use the product every day. Your vet may be one of the many professionals who recommend this product for pets like dogs and cats.

This product is useful to help prevent common ear problems such as head-shaking and excessive itchiness. Your pet may exhibit these behaviors if they have an ear infection or allergy, for example. This natural product can help to greatly reduce the number of vet visits you have to make on a regular basis.

The Right Way to Apply Ear Drops

The method you should use to apply the ear drops may differ according to the product’s specific instructions. There are, however, some general guidelines that can help if you want to find the best way to get the remedy to your dogs. If you used any of the options above or other similar products for cleaning your dogs, here is a great way to get the ears cleaned in the most efficient and pain-free manner possible. Always be sure to follow the dog ear drop instructions very carefully.

For medicines or ear drops that were stored in the fridge, you may need to warm them up in a bowl of warm water first. This should only take a few minutes. Do not use the microwave for this.

When the medicine is warm, you can hold it in your main hand and use the dropper to pull in the liquid. Follow the instructions on how to handle the squeeze bottle. Use your hands to pull up the dog’s floppy ears back and hold them back.

Follow the instructions regarding the number of drops to utilize and place these into the ear canal. Using a circular motion, you can rub the base of the dog’s ear against the head. This is a stage where your pet may want to retaliate out of pain and discomfort. Be careful, but continue to massage the medication until it has gone deep into the ear canal. Expect to hear a squishing noise as you are cleaning your dog this way.

Cleaning Up Your Dogs After Treatment

Once you are done, you can let go of your dog’s ear and let it shake its head. Medications with a wax solvent can dissolve any debris in the ear, and this eventually comes out when the dog shakes its head and ears. You can use a cotton ball, wipes, something soft like these to gently wipe away all the debris that surfaces to the outer ear and around the ear. Wipes are a great choice because they are soft and moist. If you don’t have wipes, cotton is just as good.

There are many ear drop options available. The three recommended ones in this article give you a great starting point to get your pet’s health back using a home treatment solution. Always ensure that you research each product or ear cleaner before you attempt to use it.

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