How To Take Care A New Born Puppy ???

What Food Should Be Provided To A Puppy For 3-4 Weeks ?

First we  shouldn’t separate the puppy from mother. Mother’s milk should be feed to the puppy then the puppy will be stronger and healthy.

When Puppy’s Mother Is Not Available ?

The cow milk which is available in the stores we can feed. The milk should be boiled, when it becomes warm then for 500 ml of milk add 500 ml of water to it. Stir well for 2 mins. And feed the milk to puppy for 4-5 times a day. Never feed the raw milk to the puppy directly, as the milk will be very thick so the puppy couldn’t digest. For the first month only milk should be feeded.

New Born Puppy

Then What About 2nd Month ? What Food Should Be Feeded to Puppy ?

Now its time to start feeding Cerelac to your puppy in small quantity. Start with one spoon of Cerelac and feed it to puppy. Morning you feed milk as breakfast. Afternoon you feed Cerelac as lunch. Provide milk to your puppy after evening walking, as the puppy will be hungry after walking. Then night feed cerelac as dinner. Try to increase the quantity of food to puppy day by day.


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